An Interview with Melanie Doyle

In this interview with Colin Carter from the Living Miracles Australia community, Messenger of Peace, Melanie Doyle shares her inspiring story of listening and following Spirit and answering the call of her heart. Her trust and faith shines through in each of the steps she has bravely taken on her journey. Melanie shares openly about her own experiences addressing themes such as surrender, letting go of the mother concept, resistance and a single purpose to serve the whole.



Flight Before Movie Talk

Enjoy this before movie talk! Flight is a powerful movie for seeing the depth of the deception that is the personal self-concept. Although he doesn’t know it, Whip Whitaker is in need of a miracle. Heavily identified as a slick, competent commercial airline pilot, he masks his desperation in drinking and taking drugs. When events occur that force him to question the reality of the “persona” he’s created, the lie that he’s built his life upon comes crashing down. From this place of humility the Spirit swiftly steps in to support and lasting change occurs. This movie is a powerful demonstration of the power of the mind to “choose again”—happiness awaits on the other side of humility as the true self is uncovered and seen as innocent and pure. Here’s a review from David Hoffmeister’s online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment: (

Flight Review:

To believe you are a success in this world is to be twice removed from reality. To admit that your life is unmanageable and help from a higher source is needed, is to come one step closer to truth. This is a big wake-up call.

There is a desperate unhappiness beneath the false confidence of personhood. A proud, highly accomplished self-concept is a cover over a self that is lost and has forgotten God. This self is wounded, and to keep this hurt out of awareness, the mask of personal achievement is heavily defended and maintained.

The hiding and pretense is not fooling anyone. However, readiness for healing cannot be forced. The recognition of the need for help comes from within. We are so deeply loved by God that angels will keep showing up in support. Whatever it takes!  It’s all for this!



Flight After Movie Talk

Listen to this after-movie talk for Flight—a powerful awakening movie for the undoing of the self-concept. Our healing can be as rapid as our willingness to “Let go and let God.” The ego is desperate to maintain its sense of itself, but it does not lead to joy and happiness. Our true identity as the Christ will give us everything we want and yet we have to want it completely for the truth to be returned to our full awareness. The Spirit is so gentle and will use all circumstances for healing—“All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgement.” (A Course in Miracles)