Healing with Relationships – Holy Relationship

Give Yourself the Greatest Gift of All – Align Your Relationships with the Spirit
with Michael & Melanie – On Tour from January 2017
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Time to Get Real with Relationships! – FB Live – Feb 18, 2017

Time to Get Real with Relationships! – FB Live – Feb 11, 2017

Holy Relationship in Action!

Changing the purpose of the special love relationship to one of Holiness is an amazing journey. Messengers of Peace, Melanie and Michael were guided into relationship by the Spirit in 2009 and have used their marriage as a forum for healing the mind, using the non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles. They are an inspiring example of the willingness and commitment it takes to use relationships in this way—they have devoted every area of their lives to following the Holy Spirit’s guidance 100%. Having worked through many of the ego’s special relationship dynamics, they are excited to share about the fruits of holy relationship! They are inspired to tour Australia and New Zealand in 2017 and are available to visit your area. Contact them using the Contact form.

A Course in Miracles Conference 2016

Michael and Melanie were presenters at the A Course in Miracles Conference Australia about the use of relationships for healing. The conference was lively and well attended with over 100 participants at the session. Their talk covered many areas of relationship such as decision making with the Spirit, following guidance, undoing need and dependency, desire, sexuality and more! Here are some short clips. Enjoy!


Healing through Relationships – FB Live – Nov. 26, 2016

Time to Get Real with Relationships! – FB Live – Feb 4, 2017

Healing through Relationships – 2016 – ACIM Australia Conference