Dance for Healing—Heart Dance

When I was taken as a little girl to my first ballet concert, I was immediately smitten. It was love at first sight. There was something so magical about the dancers—so much graceful presence. I wanted what they were having! Alas, becoming a ballerina was not in the plan for me, but my love affair for dance has never ended. As a teen and throughout my early twenties, I was the first one on and the last one off the dance floor at nightclubs. By my mid-twenties it was clear to me I needed some help with my life and I was guided intuitively to many forms of movement for healing. I attended creative movement classes, I was apprenticed to work with different creative dance teachers and their students and I undertook years of dance therapy with amazing teachers for my own healing.

Finally I was guided to improvised performance … ahh … the sheer terror and exhilaration of feeling exactly what you’re feeling in the moment and letting all things be exactly as they are, with no choreography … on stage, in front of an audience, with no idea of even what music will be played! Wow … I was in love again … I found this work incredibly healing. The permission to just be, to not attempt to change anything or to look a certain way as I danced, to not put on a show was life changing. After a couple of years of healing with this form of movement and not long into beginning to study A Course in Miracles, the Spirit directed me to “turn down here” towards a gorgeous light-filled hall, one minute drive from my house. I obeyed and promptly hired the hall to run weekly classes. After almost a decade of healing with movement, I was inspired to share it with others—it was the birth of “Heart Dance.”

This was when my transfer of training with A Course in Miracles began. Each week I would sit and ask the Spirit, “What would you have me do tonight?” The answers would come and I would take notes, and compile music playlists and head to the hall. Every class was like a miracle. I had so much self-doubt before each class that I would hope that no one would turn up … perhaps it would rain so hard, they wouldn’t come! But come they did and I was always amazed by what unfolded each time. It seemed that all I had to do was ‘listen and follow’ and healing was occurring. People who would rather hide under the table than be seen dancing, were letting go and opening up in the most extraordinary and precious ways. It was mind blowing to me and I was humbled and grateful every week. For two years I held these classes and as the years went by, I went from needing to have everything typed before the class as to what the Spirit would have do, to finally by the end of the two years, simply showing up with my iPod and listening in the moment for the Spirit’s plan.

Somewhere along those two years I pondered, “Why do I just ask the Spirit what He would have me do on a Tuesday evening? Why aren’t I asking Him what to do all the time?!” And there it was … the transfer of inviting the Spirit into all of my life … slowly and surely at first, until finally, now, nine years later, it’s a constant prayer—a state of mind. It’s not something I need to think about, rather, it’s a state of open mindedness … a present moment availability for the Spirit.

The Spirit has used dance with me as a phenomenal backdrop for healing. I experience it as an opportunity to be out of the way completely and to be moved through. For me, dance is a wordless, tangible and all-encompassing experience of connection to God—to Self—where if I’m open enough, I experience the little “self” disappear entirely. In and of itself, dance is not causative, however like any medium such as music, art, poetry, it can be used by the Spirit for healing and to point towards an experience of truth. It is my great joy to share this form of healing the mind with those who feel a resonance with deep non-dual teachings and who love to dance as though no-one is watching!